Club Activities

Below you will find some photos of the club activities.

G6NB Trophy

Roger Piper G3MEH handing the G6NB trophy over to the 2017-18 winner, Jeremy Browne G3XZG



Photo of the beams used for the PW 144MHz Low Power Contest

Gerry G7VFV being presented with the G6NB Trophy by AVRS chairman Vic G6GDI. The Chesham and DARS and Aylesbury Vale RS meet together annually for a quiz and the G6NB Rosebowl is presented to the winning club member.

The club’s demonstration station at Watermead, Aylesbury, Watermead.

The club station, G4VRS, is operated from Roger, G3MEH’s QTH, and these are the antennas available.

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